First Cum 3

August 27th, 2012

first-cum-3First Cum 3 is the last installment in this series that features gay porn stars in their first moments on video. This DVD features: Andy Dill, Duncan Murphy, Billy Wild, Brad Davis, Jake Havoc, Carlos Morales, Chad Ferrell, and John Tuitt. And this DVD highlights Jake Havoc, Chad Ferrell, and a personal favourite of mine Andy Dill. I met Andy Dill at an industry conference back in 2006 I think it was. And aside from being a hot-looking, hairy man, he was also a very nice guy. I got to know Andy over the next little while and worked with him on promoting a porn site he was involved in. Sadly, Andy died of meningitis late in 2006.

Andy Dill is a sexy, bald man with a nice hairy body. And one of the things I loved about watching him — still do — is that he’s very vocal, he’s a good dirty talker. He’s in two scenes here, one with Brad Davis and the other with Carlos Morales. And Morales is a big, beefy Latin muscle stud with a huge meaty cock, so I’m going to have a look at this one since I’ve never seen it before.

Watch First Cum 3, Click Photo

Watch First Cum 3, Click Photo

Eager to Sleaze opens with Andy and Carlos kissing, and that’s another thing I liked about Dill, he was a passionate kisser and really enjoyed it. After swapping head, Carlos lies back in a leather sling and Andy goes to work on Carlos’ monstrously thick cock — man it’s a fat one. I was hoping to watch Andy stuffing that fat meat stick up his ass, but unfortunately Morales is a power bottom, so it’s Andy who is doing all the fucking. But that’s okay, I always loved watch Dill fucking ass, and like I said, he was great at delivering really sexy dirty talk. And the best part of this scene is when Dill wraps his fist around Carlos’ thick cock and jerks him off while fucking his ass. Morales is going insane with Andy making his cock and ass feeling so good and he finally unload a huge splash of spunk all over his tight torso. This scene is a must see!

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August 22nd, 2012

willieWillie is a Daddy Ohhh Productions DVD and it features a gang of hot men: Nick Stone, Jeff Baron, Simon August, Mateo Urrutia, Justin Strife, Gabriel Comet, and Luc Hugo. Willie, played by Jeff Baron, gets a brand new video camera for his birthday and he sets about filming his friends having sex across four scenes. The DVD opens with Willie being awakened on his birthday by his cute lover. Willie’s a hot guy with a rock-hard body, a little furry, and a patch of chin scruff. Once Willie opens the video camera, he and his lover decide to try it out. So they set it up and start going at it on the bed.

Eventually Willie lies back and gets his other birthday present: a good hard fuck from his lover. And after drilling his ass good and hard, his lover sprays a very generous load of cum all over Willie — I guess that’s birthday present number three! Man, this guy sprays a lot. And with his lover panting and recovering, Willie jacks himself off and blasts all over his cum-soaked body.

Watch Willie, Click Photo

Watch Willie, Click Photo

As the guests arrive for the party, they disappear into various sections of the house and suck and fuck in two threeways, and the DVD’s final scene is a sweaty fourgy in the master bedroom. There’s a variety of types in the video. The guest are all pretty well defined, some have more muscular bodies than others, and there’s a mix of hairy and smooth. There’s pretty much something for everyone in this hot DVD. But you’ll want to check out the bedroom fourway, it’s on fire!

Watch Willie

Almost Caught

August 20th, 2012

almost-caughtAlmost Caught isn’t a part of the First Cum series, but this DVD is similar in that it introduces Pete Ross in his first gay porn scene. And Pete Ross was one of the guys featured in First Cum 1. Pete Ross is a very cute guy, blond, the all-American boy. When the scene opens he’s working in a warehouse with another guy. His co-worker is passing boxes to Pete who places them on another shelf. As the guy passes a box to Ross, their hands touch and they look at each other. When the guy tries passing Pete another box, Pete pushes it back on the shelf and leans in for a kiss.

Then Pete gets down on his knees and hauls out this stud’s cock. And when he sees it, he’s sure glad that he did. This dark-haired guy has a beautifully long cock and it’s uncut. There’s some really hot close-up action of Pete slobbering all over this dude’s foreskin and I sure enjoyed that. Man I get so turned on watching a cocksucker working a foreskin cock, especially when they know what to do with it.

Click Picture to Watch Almost Caught

Click Picture to Watch Almost Caught

After servicing this beautiful cock for quite a while, Pete eventually bends over a bench and gets his ass filled. After a few minutes of pumping, and with his butt hole opened up, Pete straddles his buddy and sits on his cock.

There are three other scenes in this DVD and they all take place in the warehouse where these horny guys are almost caught getting it on.

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First Cum 2

August 15th, 2012

first-cum-2First Cum 2 is the second in the series of DVDs that takes us back to popular men working in gay porn and their first sex scenes on video. This installment features: Billy Wild, Chris Banks, Frank Parker, Eli Horst, Michael Soldier, Sky Donovan, Shane Michaels, and Braeden Casey. And this DVD highlights the first scenes of Billy Wild, Michael Soldier, and Sky Donovan. I’ve always been a fan of Billy Wild’s, he’s a dirty power bottom who loves getting his ass drilled. And he’s got two hot scenes here, one with hairy leather man Frank Parker and another called “Billy Comes Home” that has Wild returning to his hometown to suck a whole mess of dick in his hotel room. I’ve reviewed this scene before here, so I’m going to take a look at the first scene with Frank Parker.

Frank Parker is a hot fucking hunk of man. He’s good looking with a rock-solid hairy body, a few tattoos, and a big meaty cock. And this scene opens with Billy Wild wearing a pair of chaps and he’s tied to the wall. His nuts are wrapped up in a ball stretcher and Parker is whacking Billy’s nuts with a riding crop. One of my favourite parts of this scene is when Parker lies back on a bench. He’s wearing his leather gear complete with a bridge cap and Billy is on his knees sucking Parker’s big cock and pinching his nipples.

Watch First Cum 2, Click Pictures

Watch First Cum 2, Click Pictures

This scene is all about Billy servicing Frank’s hard meat. And when the leather man has had enough of Billy’s mouth, he puts his bottom down on the floor. The men jerk off together and Frank is bumping and grinding his boots into Billy’s balls. And when it’s all over, Billy ends up with Frank’s huge cum load all over his face and neck, which he promptly starts scooping up with his fingers and eating it. It’s a pretty hot fucking scene!

Watch First Cum 2

Cum Suckers 11

August 13th, 2012

cum-suckers-11Cum Suckers 11 is another in the long line-up of cocksucker videos in this series. And if you like watching guys cumming on other guy’s faces, in their mouths, with lots of cum dripping down their necks, then you’ll want to check out this series of DVDs. Essentially what you’re getting is literally dozens of cum shot facials. You’ll see the last few seconds of a guy fucking another guy’s ass (often bareback) and then he pulls out, aims his stiff, throbbing cock at the bottom’s face, and starts shooting his load. That’s it, no story lines, no watching all the cock sucking and ass fucking that can go on forever, just a few seconds of pumping, and then, this cocksucker is getting his face splashed with spunk!

The thing that I liked about Cum Suckers 11 is that it really is all about cumshots. How many times have you been jerking off to a video and you’re trying to time your orgasm to match what’s happening on the screen? Sometimes you get it right, sometimes you don’t. But with Cum Suckers 11, there’s always another cum shot just a few seconds away.

Watch Cum Suckers 11, Click Photo

Watch Cum Suckers 11, Click Photo

Watch Cum Suckers 11

First Cum 1 – Damon Dogg’s First Porn Scenes on Video

August 8th, 2012

first-cum-1First Cum 1 is a series of DVDs that we picked up here at MANcheck and it’s a retrospective look at gay porn stars and their very few moments on video. There are three DVDs in the series and I’ll be taking a look at all of them and presenting them here. The first DVD highlights Pete Ross, Markie, and Damon Dogg. I’m going to talking about Damon Dogg’s scenes. Little did he know it when he made these first couple of videos that he’d go on to be cocksucker extraordinaire and cum pig of Treasure Island Media. And after making a number of DVDs for the bareback sex studio, he went on to start his own website where his quest for cum is legendary.

In his first scene, Damon Dogg takes a hot guy into the woods. They’re both wearing jeans and shirtless. They walk through the growth until they find a secluded, but sunny spot. Then Damon gets down on his knees, hauls out this guy’s cock, and goes to work. Damon Dogg is always an enthusiastic cocksucker and I love watching him working a dick. Once he gets the guy good and horny, Dogg bends over and holds onto a stump while his partner rims his ass. “Do you want to go back to my camper?” the guy asks, and they head off.

Watch First Cum 1, Click Pictures

Watch First Cum 1, Click Pictures

After getting his ass fucked in the camper, Damon sits back while this guy straddles his chest and jerks off all over Damon’s face. Damon Dogg is featured in another scene where he gets his ass fucked in a sling, then the guys head for a bed where they swap fucks and take turns.

Watch First Cum 1

Cum Suckers 13

August 1st, 2012

cum-suckers-13Cum Suckers 13 opens with a blond guy sucking a nice fat cock, it’s the last moments of the blowjob and you can hear the guy getting sucked is getting close to blowing his wad. The cocksucker urges him on: “Oh yeah, are you going to cum? Are you going to feed me your cum?” And then seconds later, this beautiful cock erupts and a big, thick load of spunk splooges all over this blond’s cheek. Man, it’s a messy, thick load. And when the cock finally stops shooting, this cocksucker reaches out of his mouth to slide this cum load into his mouth with his tongue. But it’s sticky and he needs the help of his fingers. Then he uses the still-stiff cock as a spatula to steer this delicious jizz off his cheek and into his greedy mouth. And that’s what Cum Suckers 13 is all about — two hours of nasty cum worship.

It’s always fun shooting your cum load at the same time as the guys on the screen, but it’s often difficult to time things just right. Sometimes we manage to do it, but other time we cum too soon or two late. And the perfect thing about this series of DVDs is that if you miss one cumshot, there’s another one happening just a few seconds away. There’s no waiting for all the cock sucking and fucking to be done, just watch the last few seconds of a blowjob or an ass fucking, then see these cocksuckers with their mouths open taking one glorious load after another. Fuck! This is one hot cum reel.

Watch Cum Suckers 13, Click Photo

Watch Cum Suckers 13, Click Photo

And the hot thing about this DVD is that you can sit back and count the cumshots and see just how many there are … dozens of them. But I guarantee that after you watch half a dozen of these guys pop, you’ll be wanting some release of your own.

Watch Cum Suckers 13

Bareback Holes & Raw Loads

July 30th, 2012

bareback-holes-and-raw-loadsThere’s not much to say about Bareback Holes and Raw Loads. There’s no set-up or story lines, just three scenes featuring horny guys sucking and bareback fucking. Two of the scenes are duos, but my favourite was the threeway scene. It opens with a guy splayed across the bed, one guy is feed his cock down into this guy’s throat and another is sucking his cock. Eventually the two guys getting blown kneel by this cocksucker’s head, one on each side, and he takes turns sucking both of their dicks. The cock sucking continues for quite a while and I loved watching it.

Then two of the guys get down on all fours and put their asses together. The third guy stuffs a double-headed dildo into their holes and these two bottoms greedily rock back and forth on this big dick. But then the real fucking begins. One of the bottoms takes turns on the other two cocks and they fuck him raw in a number of different positions.

Watch Bareback Holes and Raw Loads, Click Picture

Watch Bareback Holes and Raw Loads, Click Picture

This is a good, solid bareback fucking video with lots of good close-ups and raw dicks sliding into hungry butt holes. The guys are all amateurs and they’re pretty hot. They’re not model types, just regular guys who like fucking ass without condoms. You’ll enjoy this one.

Watch Bareback Holes and Raw Loads

Battle of the Bulges – Brazilian Soldiers Fucking

July 25th, 2012

battle-of-the-bulgesBattle of the Bulges features three of my favourite things: military guys, Brazilians, and fat uncut cocks. We do love dressing up and playing soldier, don’t we? To be honest with you, the set-ups are pretty lame. But it is hot watching these horny Brazilians stripping out of their military gear and getting down to some hot cock sucking and ass fucking. The great thing about military clothing is that they hide pretty well the hot muscled bodies underneath. So when these soldiers start stripping off their gear, there are some hot packages to be seen.

All of the sex here takes place outdoors. I love watching guys getting naked and getting off in natural surroundings. The first scene features a couple of well-muscled studs doing it in a field. After chopping some wood and getting good and sweaty, they strip out of their camouflage gear and the sergeant gets his big, uncut cock serviced by his private. Then the private lies back in the grass, hoists his legs, and gets his ass fucked.

Watch Battle of the Bulges, Click Picture

Watch Battle of the Bulges, Click Picture

There are two other sweaty duo sessions and one threeway that was quite hot. Two beefy soldiers down on their knees sucking one juicy fat cock. It’s a hot sight. And the fuck scene is on fire! One soldier sits down on the ground against a wall, a second solider sits on his cock, and the third sits on the second’s dick. Man, I loved watching these three soldiers fucking!

Watch Battle of the Bulges

Gay Blind Date Sex 4

July 23rd, 2012

gay-blind-date-sex-4Gay Blind Date Sex is another series of gay porn reality DVDs that I quite like. This series brings guys together in a blind-date scenario and we watch as they get to know each other. We know they’re going to have sex because this is a porn video, but it’s fun watching to see how long it takes before they skip the date and jump right into the sex. Gay Blind Date Sex 4 has six scenes and each one features two guys and they run about 20 to 25 minutes each. Each scene opens with the producer interviewing the guys separately so we get to know a bit about them and what they’re looking for. Then the guys are put in a SUV and the date begins. They chat in the back seat and get to know one another.

And then the sex starts and that’s always fun to watch. I do really enjoy this series of DVDs because although I realize that these aren’t real blind dates, it feels like they are. The guys don’t jump in the back of the SUV and 10 seconds later they’re sucking dick. It’s fun watching these guys talking and getting to know each other, I like watching them flirt. And since we already know a little about each of them, it’s cool watching these guys feeling each other out. We know who is going to top and bottom, but it’s hot watching them sort it out in these getting-to-know-you sessions.

Watch Gay Blind Date Sex, Click Picture

Watch Gay Blind Date Sex, Click Picture

If you’re looking for something a little different than your regular suck and fuck video, you should check out one of these videos. I quite enjoyed them. And there’s enough variety of guys that I’m sure you’ll find a pairing that’ll turn you on.

Watch Gay Blind Date Sex

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